CSRES Religion and Ethics Seminars


The Religion and Ethics Seminars are faculty-led, year-long seminars on topics relating to religion, ethics, morality, and values.
Anyone interested in participating in or learning more about a seminar is encouraged to contact the relevant seminar leaders directly. General questions about the seminars can be directed to Brian Steensland (, Director of CSRES.  Read the announcement about the first round of seminars at IU NEWSROOM.


Current Seminars

Effects and Echoes: The Impacts of White Nationalism on Religious Communities

A Faith Leader and a Scientist Walk into a Bar: Building Productive Conversations about Faith and Science

Religious Persecution and Religious Pluralism in the Early Modern World

Educated: A Common Read on Ethics, Education, and Society

The Lasting Effects of the Nazi Regime on Medical Research

Philanthropy and Public Good(s)

The Ethics, Values, and Practices of Public Art in Urban Contexts


Past Seminars

Burnout, Spirituality, and Vocation in the Professions

HIP: Health Equity, Responsibility, and Community

Those Who Know the Trouble I've Seen: Citizenship and Resistance in African American Christian Communities

The Ethical Dimensions of Children's Literature

Mounds of the Midwest

Sustainable Leadership and Governance

Economic Justice: The Ethics of Doing Business with the Poor

Global and Comparative Approaches to Religion, Ethics, and Political Theory

Islam in the Global Sphere

The Environment and Society: Ethical Foundations for a Sustainable Future

Information, Ethics, and Sociocultural Values

Environmental Justice

Moral Thinking in Artworks of Economic Success and Economic Failure

Religion, Spirituality, Healthcare, and Ethics