seminar title Burnout, spirituality, and vocation in the professions

This seminar seeks to engage the concept of vocation with a focus on these key questions: What is the relationship between spirituality and resilience in such professions such as law, medicine, education, ministry, etc.? What insights about burnout can be gleaned when representatives of different professions engage each other’s experiences and insights? Under what conditions is spirituality helpful, and when is it a misplaced panacea (or worse)? How can a robust understanding of vocation be aided by a clearer sense of the dynamic interplay between spiritual vitality and the dynamics of burnout in the professions?


photo of richard gundermanRichard Gunderman; Radiology; IU Medical School; IUPUI;




photo of robert salerRobert Saler; Associate Dean/Religion and Culture; Christian Theological Seminary;